We at GHRS understand that quality personnel is the lifeblood of every organisation and that partnering the right individuals with a business’s need and objectives is crucial.  We also understand that running a successful business whilst recruiting new team members can be stressful:  our clients are able, however, to enjoy the recruitment experience by letting us take all the challenges away from the recruitment process.

At GHRS we believe that communication is key: we will keep in regular communication with all parties throughout the recruitment process, right from the selection process through to interview and finally through to the eventual job offer.

We have a tried and tested system where by we work with our clients to turn around all paperwork (including CRB, occupational health, references and where appropriate, work permits) within 4 weeks following the interview.

When our candidates have to relocate, we help them by sourcing the appropriate accommodation and providing them with important local information.

Unlike many other recruitment organisations, our service does not stop once the candidate is placed; we continue to keep in contact with our candidates even after they have started their new post.  This helps us to ensure that the candidate is settling in well with their new employer and to resolve any problems that may be surfacing before they become a major issue.  As a result of this extended care, many of our candidates stay in their new posts for long periods of time.

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