Case Studies

Case Study 8 – The Cambian Group

Following previous successful work with GHRS, in 2009 we were contacted once again by The Cambian Group’s CEO.  GHRS was assigned with running a similar campaign to help expand their specialist education and learning disabilities business.

The Challenge

This was a very specifically targeted campaign and GHRS’s expert team approached many carefully selected clinicians. The campaign had to remain confidential and as multiple individuals were being targeted from competing organisations, we had to exercise a large amount of discretion.

The Result

  • GHRS became a successful partner to The Cambian Group and recruited the highest number of senior managers for the whole Group.
  • GHRS was invited to continue the campaign on a permanent basis.
  • With successful input from GHRS, The Cambian Group’s existing and talented directors were able to expand the Group.  As a result, the Group became one of the largest locked rehabilitation forensic mental operator and specialist education provider within the mental health and learning disability sector.