Case Studies

Case Study 5 – Glen Care

Glen care is an established and successful forensic mental health provider that has been in operation for over 30 years. Recent lack of investment in high quality, specialist clinicians, however, saw the Company’s decline.  As a result, a new Managing Director was appointed to turn the business around and his first objective was to put together a new senior management team to help him rebuild the organisation.

The new Managing Director was from a rival healthcare operator and had experienced, first hand, GHRS’s success in headhunting senior management posts.  He therefore approached us exclusively.

The Challenge

  • Glen care required eight senior director posts to be filled in a short space of time.
  • The forensic mental health sector was thriving and high quality management personnel were in short supply.
  • Due to lack of investment in quality staff, Glen Care had a very poor Care Quality Commission (CQC) report and started suffering from negative publicity.  This made attracting key individuals from competing healthcare companies even more challenging.

The Result

  • GHRS met with the new Managing Director and from the outset it was decided that a new public relations campaign had to be mounted.  This involved producing a new website and tasking GHRS to run a one to one presentation to the majority of senior managers within the industry, via a targeted headhunting campaign.
  • GHRS managed to successfully attract eight key individuals from competing healthcare companies.
  • The new Managing Director was able to successfully start the recovery of Glen Care.