Case Studies

Case Study 3 – Capio Healthcare

The Challenge

Capio Healthcare needed to expand their existing specialist mental health (MH) personality disorder (PD) business in Liverpool by opening a new ward and required 30 experienced registered mental health nurses (RMN) with experience in PD in order to open a new ward and reduce their reliance on agency costs on existing wards.  The scenario was as follows:

  • Capio Healthcare were spending £100,000 per month on agency costs which equated to £1.2 million per annum.
  • Capio Healthcare tried to recruit these post for a year, without success.
  • At the time, Liverpool was suffering from outward migration due to economic and social reasons and the UK generally had short supply of MH nurses with PD experience. 

The Result

  • GHRS ran a headhunting campaign throughout the UK and managed to attract 30 local and experienced RMN PD nurses from competing private hospitals in the UK.  GHRS managed to carry this out within a timescale of just three months.
  • Capio Healthcare managed to plug the drain of agency costs to nil, saving £1.2 million per annum in agency costs.
  • Capio Healthcare managed to successfully open the new ward in just three months.
  • The unit in Liverpool (Nightingale Hospital) became the most profitable unit for that year.