Case Studies

Case Study 2 – Capio Healthcare

When Capio Healthcare were awarded the first wave of NHS contracts, this was the first public private initiative where the general public would be given the option of being treated in brand new NHS treatment centres, run by a private organisation.

The Challenge

Capio Healthcare approached GHRS to recruit 30 consultants, doctors and nurses for their five new treatment centres.  The condition of the contract specified that Capio Healthcare could not employ any clinicians who had worked in the NHS within the past 6 months.  Capio Healthcare also stipulated to us that they wanted to limit the number of foreign clinicians recruited, as they did not have the capacity to conduct adaptation training.

The Result

Through careful planning and researching of the market, GHRS successfully recruited the required number of clinicians.  GHRS also carried out the following:

  • Headhunting of experienced clinicians from private hospitals in the UK and across Europe.
  • Running of employment fairs in universities and colleges, targeting newly qualified  doctors and also nurses who had previous experience working in hospitals as support workers.
  • Hiring exhibition stands and running marketing campaigns on behalf of Capio Healthcare in nursing exhibitions in Scotland and Manchester.
  • Targeting hundreds of nurses via a telephone campaign – performing one to one presentations – and marketing Capio Healthcare to the wider audience.