Case Studies

Case Study 1: BUPA (now Spire Healthcare)


GHRS were asked to recruit 50 experienced theatre and ICU nurses who spoke excellent English and had exposure to western standard private hospitals.  GHRS had to ensure also that the stringent NHS code for recruiting international nurses was adhered to.


Our experienced healthcare research team searched worldwide for suitable candidates for the role.  We targeted European countries such as Austria and also international staff in prestigious private hospitals in Saudi Arabia.  We also headhunted experienced nurses from Mauritius.

After six months, GHRS managed to successfully recruit 50 theatre and ICU nurses for all 36 BUPA (now Spire Healthcare) hospitals.  From week eight to week twenty eight, 50 nurses arrived in the UK, ready to start their induction and or adaptation training.  We conducted a survey after 12 months and after 24 months: we found that 100% of the candidates stayed in the same employment after 12 months and 90% after 24 months. GHRS achieved success with Spire Healthcare by carrying out the following:

  • Identifying talented individuals from the GHRS extensive candidate network who met the stringent requirements.
  • Screening and shortlisting potential candidates for telephone interview by the client.
  • Organising telephone interview dates and times and coordinating the whole process.
  • Feedback from the client following the interviews was collected and relayed to candidates.
  • Arranging candidate documentation (i.e., police checks, CRB, occupational health documents) and ensuring that it was sent safely back to the candidates via DHL (i.e., work permits).
  • Ensuring that candidates arranged and liaised with the local British consulate to gain an entry visa (if required).
  • Arranging and coordinating start dates.
  • Searching for appropriate local accommodation, ensuring that it meets the required standard and budget of the candidates.
  • Arranging the opening of bank accounts for candidates, if required.
  • Meeting and greeting each candidate at the airport and arranging transport to their accommodation.
  • On arrival into the UK, providing candidates with a mobile phone and manual covering essential topics about living in the UK.
  • Giving a one to one induction of ‘Life in the UK’ by spending half a day with each of the candidates (in groups of five).
  • Once candidates started their job, GHRS contacted them regularly to ensure that they were well settled.  This helped to resolve any issues that they were facing, either concerning employment, or personally (i.e., finding the right school, registering with doctors surgeries and dentists).  We contacted candidates once a week for the first month, thereafter once a month for the next five months and thereafter once every three months.